Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine Dupe

I knew that it had to happen eventually.  We have been married for more than 35 years.  And this year we gave each other the same Valentine card.  

Bill loves buying cards.  And he is so good at it.  He always nails the occasion and the person.  But I had a feeling this Valentine's Day.  I bought his card at Target.  I buy everything at Target...everything I need and everything I don't need.  But when I picked it out I thought that it might just be a better card for him to give me.  But I bought it anyway.  

I even mentioned that it would be really weird if we gave each other the same card.  He didn't think that was possible...or even close to funny.   But Thursday morning we exchanged cards.  And, guess what?  It was the same dang card.  The only comment on the sentiment is....yeah, we  are both crazy.  How else do you live with someone for 35 years....and still love it?

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