Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rodent With A Hat

I finished the fifth softie in the Six Months of Softies club.  I almost didn't.  It is a hand-sewn raccoon.  I really don't like raccoons at all.  I didn't find it the least bit charming.  But the whole purpose of doing this project was to make myself learn some new things so I charged ahead.

It had a bazillion pieces so cutting it out was even challenging, not to mention keeping up with all the pieces.  I was determined to not buy any new felt for this and thankfully that worked out.  I would have made a green raccoon if I had to.

The head went together pretty easily but then things got confusing...for me.  So I moved on to the accessories for a break...hat, backpack, fish.  But eventually I had to go back to the rodent.

Finally he was finished and is even a little more appealing than anticipated.  I am, however, looking for a home for him.  Raccoons can not live here...at least not inside.