Sunday, June 14, 2015

Deviled Eggs!!!

I love deviled eggs!!  They are so good for potlucks, family dinners, picnics, brunches...anytime.  I used to make them the way my mom did....a little mayo, a little mustard, a little pickle relish, and a little of the pickle juice.  There was no recipe.  That was just the way we did it.

That is until I found the deviled egg secret ingredient.  The thing that will put your deviled eggs over the top.  Butter!!!

I first found this recipe in the Southern Folkways Alliance Community Cookbook.  And I recently found this one in the Food52 Genius Recipes cookbook.

They are similar...mayo, dijon mustard, butter, salt, pepper.  One includes lemon juice.  The proportions are a little different.  You could play with that to get them just the way you love them.

I made a few this afternoon.