Sunday, March 9, 2014


Sometimes I find something on the intertube (my brother's name for it), or try a recipe, or hear music that I want to share but pictures of the food are very unappetizing (although the food was awesome) mostly because I took them in the dark, I won't have time to try that project for months (or years), and it is always a good time for good music.  So, that being said you (if you are listening) should know about these things.

Just in case you missed her, Mayhem, a really cute kid who makes paper dresses with her mom.  It appears that mom is pretty involved in this but cool nonetheless.  2sister_angie on Instagram.

And when I showed this to Cara she dubbed Mayhem the real-life Quinoa, "my imaginary well-dressed toddler daughter."  Check out the Pinterest board here.

This recipe for Sugar Pie.  Pretty delicious!

And this music!  Shovels & Rope.  We heard them in September at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion.