Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meosha's Doll

This has been several months in the least six.  I mentor a third grader at Swansboro Elementary School.  This is my second school year spending time with her.  She is sweet, kind, and struggles with her school work.  I don't know the reasons...nor do I need to...we just hang out, which is good.

Doing school work every week...for the hour that I am there...gets old.  I am not a teacher...and not a very good tutor either.  So this fall I looked for something that we could do together that would be different...and fun.  I love dolls...Meosha and I had read a book last year called The Surprise Doll (it is one that I read as a child...but it was a hit with her), and I really want to learn to make dolls.  So the perfect project...and it turned out to be...was for the two of us to make a doll together.

Our doll is now finished and our project is documented in a book that we put together and published through Shutterfly...I couldn't be prouder.  Meosha really rose to the occasion.  She sewed for the first time, she had great ideas about the doll design, and she loved making the jewelry.  Now I am thinking aobut what to do next year...and hoping to keep the doll-love alive.