Sunday, May 22, 2011

Roller Derby!!

Fifteen months ago my older daughter joined a roller derby team.  To be specific, she joined the Greensboro Roller Derby...which was a new team in Greensboro, NC.  My initial reaction was, oh great, now she will smash an arm, a knee, a leg, or even her face (she did that once on her wasn't pretty).  She doesn't have great health insurance and she has to be physically healthy to do her work...she's a hair stylist.  But so far (cross fingers) she has only suffered a busted lip...and a lot of sore muscles.

But she loved it...even said it saved her life (I won't go into that part of the story). 
Her derby name is Shrimp 'n Grit.

We saw our first bout in October.  I was sure that I wouldn't be able to watch my first-born get jabbed, pushed down, and generally beat up. 
But I loved watching it...mostly because I'm her mom and I love watching her.

But since then I have been to two more bouts and I have become a fan...not just a mom.  I love the game, I love the girls...or should I say women.  I love how they support each other.  I love how they support their community (proceeds from every bout and every fundraiser are shared with a local charity). 

Two weeks ago the Gate City Roller Girls (Greensboro's traveling team) played the Uncivil Warriors of the River City Roller Girls.  That meant that Cara was playing in her hometown and that the team needed a place to stay.  We were volunteered :)  But three of my neighbors helped out too...two hosted roller girls and coaches and one hosted our nephew who came down to see the bout from DC.  Daughter #2 came down from Cleveland.  The grandparents and Uncle Jon came from Charlottesville.  Her best friend came from Brooklyn.  And lots of our friends and her friends came too.  We had a blast!!

They were all here for breakfast on Sunday morning (Happy Mother's Day!)

I suggest that you get to know your local roller derby team.  It's not that cousin to professional wrestling that you used to see on television...if you are old enough to remember that.  You can learn about flat track roller derby here.  It helps to have a sense of what is going on...but it's not really hard to follow.

And wish the Greensboro Roller Girls luck tonight.  They have an intra-league bout...between the Mad Dollies and the Elm Street Nightmares.  And pray that Shrimp 'n Grit comes away with nothing more than a few sore muscles...and a win, of course!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Bada-Bing

This shout out to Richmond Craft Mafia's Spring Bada-Bing Craft show is long over due.  The show was on April 17 at Plant Zero...and we (my friend, Ann, and I) bought lots of fun things.  Some of them I still can't show...they are soon-to-be-gifted gifts and at least one of the recipients may read this.

But I bought myself birthday gifts.  I buy things, bring them home and give them to Bill, and then he wraps them up and gives them back to me.  Believe me this works.

And my birthday was last week!

This was an impulse purchase.  We had decided that we wouldn't buy a thing until we looked at everything.  But this was bought immediately.  I am kicking myself because I can't find the artist/crafter's card.

Ann gave me this!  It will frame a favorite photo soon.  It is made of old book covers...there were very cool journals too.  Unfortunately, I don't know who this crafter is either...but that's Ann's fault :)

And this...I had to have it!  6 ounce silver flask...every girl needs one. 
Check out Maneating Flower's Etsy Shop. 

I loved a lot of things there but had to resist.  Some things you might like are available at Etsy...

Fun pottery by Adam Paulek  
Hand painted silk by crystal j.  
Very cool children's vests by DapperDude  
Handknit felted handbags (and patterns) by Jennifer Pace
Great amigurumi by Lazymuse

I am making a note so that I don't miss the Craft Mafia's Handmade Holiday Craft Show in December!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

Or one of my guilty pleasures....

I bought  a Blythe doll!  Don't ask why...there is no reason except that I wanted one and I could.  But now she needs cool clothes and cool shoes and a new haircut.  I think that the very talented Cara Craig of Figaro Salon (and author of Hair Peace) will give the trim.  As for the cool clothes...stay tuned.