Sunday, January 16, 2011

Football or Bridge

Football or Bridge?  A year ago..or less..I would have said, "Are you kidding me?"  I don't really enjoy watching football that much, but bridge?  Never!  But sometime early last year four of us got together for a bridge learning experience...two knew the game, two didn't (I was..and am..a didn't).  But they were willing to teach us and we were willing to learn (well, I was willing to pretend to learn).  We try to get together once a month.  We share food, wine, and cigarettes (shhh..don't tell)..and laugh a lot.

It was hard to find a time to get together this month, so when Ann called Friday and said all scheduling problems had been fixed and we could play Saturday night, I said okay.  Bill was slightly seems that Saturday night was a big football night..who knew?...and he was kind of relieved that I would be engaged elsewhere.

So my contribution to the food for Bridge Night could be your contribution to your next football get-together.  I made Blue Cheese Hot Wing Dip and Muffuletta Dip.

The Blue Cheese Hot Wing Dip was good but could use some tweeking...maybe a little less cream cheese, more green onion, blue cheese, or hot sauce...but definitely something to think about.

The Muffuletta Dip is definitely a keeper.  I would recommend pita chips or HOMEMADE crostini.

So happy bridge or football...whatever floats your boat....

Friday, January 14, 2011

I Bought This!

If you read my last post you know that I am in love with the work of Mimi Kirchner.  Mimi is having a sale at her Etsy Shop.  The sale started yesterday morning and runs through Monday.  I may have been the first person to log on Thursday morning...I actually logged on before she marked things down.

And I bought this.

This is actually one of her older dolls..I think it was made in 2006...and was just added to the shop Thursday morning.  I also bought a Sweater Baby.  I couldn't find a picture on the blog but will post one of both of them when they arrive.  They are on the way!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog Envy

You don't get added to my blog list I don't get added to almost anyone's blog list ever :)  If you are related to me you probably go on automatically...but I think you are worth it.  But if you are not related to must really rock.  Recently added...Doll...oh, the work of Mimi Kirchner...I so want to be her...doll envy...whatever!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Almost Gone...

It seems like it takes me longer and longer to get Christmas packed up.  I almost finished today.  Now the packed boxes are in two of the upstairs bedrooms.  Before I push them back into the attic storage I want to see if there is anything I can get rid of...this stuff just accumulates and accumulates. 

Before I took down the tree I took this picture.

This ornament is 42 years old...and it has always been mine...not handed down.  My high school friend and now optometrist, Nina, made it for me back in the day.  I like to remind her that I still put it on my tree every year.  She's probably sick of hearing about it.

These are mine...aren't they pretty? 

They were a Christmas present..from my in-laws.  I also got a new sewing machine and tickets to the John Mellencamp concert in February!!!

I made these for gifts...but I still have them.  They are crocheted felted brooches.  I planned to make three but got carried away.  Want one?

And finally, this is what happened on the day after actually started on Christmas day but I didn't get around to taking out the camera until the next day.  It was pretty but it can go away now...and stay away.  I have work to do.