Sunday, January 16, 2011

Football or Bridge

Football or Bridge?  A year ago..or less..I would have said, "Are you kidding me?"  I don't really enjoy watching football that much, but bridge?  Never!  But sometime early last year four of us got together for a bridge learning experience...two knew the game, two didn't (I was..and am..a didn't).  But they were willing to teach us and we were willing to learn (well, I was willing to pretend to learn).  We try to get together once a month.  We share food, wine, and cigarettes (shhh..don't tell)..and laugh a lot.

It was hard to find a time to get together this month, so when Ann called Friday and said all scheduling problems had been fixed and we could play Saturday night, I said okay.  Bill was slightly seems that Saturday night was a big football night..who knew?...and he was kind of relieved that I would be engaged elsewhere.

So my contribution to the food for Bridge Night could be your contribution to your next football get-together.  I made Blue Cheese Hot Wing Dip and Muffuletta Dip.

The Blue Cheese Hot Wing Dip was good but could use some tweeking...maybe a little less cream cheese, more green onion, blue cheese, or hot sauce...but definitely something to think about.

The Muffuletta Dip is definitely a keeper.  I would recommend pita chips or HOMEMADE crostini.

So happy bridge or football...whatever floats your boat....

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