Thursday, October 28, 2010

Restaurant Week, Pork Belly, and Xavier

This is Restaurant Week in Richmond!  Just one more reason that you wish that you lived here.

Tuesday night we ate at Six Burner on Main Street.  We started off with fried oyster tartar and bacon wrapped fried house-made pickles.  I only got a small taste of the pickles..but the taste was pretty awsome...Bill is a little stingy with good food.  My entree was blue and king crab cake, caramelized paella rice, broccoli rabe, and blood orange butter sauce.  I didn't even get a taste of Bill's so I won't even mention it.  My dessert was wildflower and honey panna cotta with fresh figs...all so good.

Tonight we ate at Lulu's in Shockoe Bottom.  I started off with herbed tataki tuna with ginger and lentils, then crispy pork belly with roasted apple sauce, mashed potatoes, and calvados gravy, and ended with banana toffee with burnt cream.  Ohhhh the pork belly...and ohhh the banana toffee...I wanted to clean the plates with my finger.

By the way...pork belly is on my list of things I must cook...I need to find out where to buy it first though.

And I can't let Restaurant Week go by without mentioning our favorite restaurant cook...I'm not sure that we can say chef yet...but he may correct me if I am wrong.  Joanna's high school friend, Xavier, cooks at The Camel and at Zeus Gallery (and his birthday was this week).  He has wanted to cook since high school...or before.  I remember a huge pasta dinner at our house...pasta by Xavier...

The Camel is casual...bands late but good food early.  When we ate there this summer...when Jo was home...we shared the fried artichoke hearts.  I had a pork tenderloin panini with jalapeno jam and we all shared the creme brulee cheesecake.  Zeus Gallery is more was on the short list for Restaurant Week but we ran out of days.  Xavier posts pictures on FB..taken with his phone.. of his creations ...I have told him that he needs to invest in a good camera and start a blog.  I keep sending him recipes...and I think sometimes he tries when Xavier becomes a famous chef, has his own restaurant, his own Food Network show, and his own cookbooks...and you try his cheddar cheese soup or his artichoke-olive will know that they were passed on from here to there...and probably tweeked significantly....I will, at least, feel somewhat famous :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Felt & Stitch Holiday Workshop

I signed up for another online workshop that I don't have time for....Betz White's Felt & Stitch Holiday Workshop.  Her site is here.

I have already learned some things about felting wool sweaters and using craft felt...the kind to use, how to prep it.

This is the first project.  Four of these were made with craft felt...the other with the ribbing from a felted sweater.

The same procedure can be used to make pretty cool trees.  No time for that right now..besides the second set of projects should have been posted today.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sewing Project-Part IV

In an attempt to fill my myself..of finishing this online sewing class (I have a ways to go)...and to post the results...this is my most recent project.

The supply roll!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

South of the James Market

Just one more reason to love this neighborhood...a fabulous farmers' market 2 blocks away at Forest Hill Park.

There are musicians to entertain.

Great food to eat...right there.

Nate's Taco Truck...great tacos and Frito pie (that's a small bag of Frito's with beans, sour cream and cheese added),
Big Daddy's,


And Boka Tako Truck....ohhh, the pork belly taco!!
There are meat, vegetables, and flowers to take home.

Beautiful things to look at...and maybe take home next time.

And yummy food to cook once you get it home.

Don't you wish that you lived in my neighborhood????