Sunday, January 9, 2011

Almost Gone...

It seems like it takes me longer and longer to get Christmas packed up.  I almost finished today.  Now the packed boxes are in two of the upstairs bedrooms.  Before I push them back into the attic storage I want to see if there is anything I can get rid of...this stuff just accumulates and accumulates. 

Before I took down the tree I took this picture.

This ornament is 42 years old...and it has always been mine...not handed down.  My high school friend and now optometrist, Nina, made it for me back in the day.  I like to remind her that I still put it on my tree every year.  She's probably sick of hearing about it.

These are mine...aren't they pretty? 

They were a Christmas present..from my in-laws.  I also got a new sewing machine and tickets to the John Mellencamp concert in February!!!

I made these for gifts...but I still have them.  They are crocheted felted brooches.  I planned to make three but got carried away.  Want one?

And finally, this is what happened on the day after actually started on Christmas day but I didn't get around to taking out the camera until the next day.  It was pretty but it can go away now...and stay away.  I have work to do.


  1. I love your blog posts! If you have any brooches left, I would Loooove one! They are so beautiful! Hope you and Bill are well!

    Jen Horton

  2. Oh, Jen...Cara told me I was on your blog roll. I am so honored. I would love to see you so much that I would almost come to Michigan...but not quite :). Which one do you of the red ones is going to by SIL...but she won't let me know which one you want...hey, my first blog give-away. You can send me your address here or at