Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Bada-Bing

This shout out to Richmond Craft Mafia's Spring Bada-Bing Craft show is long over due.  The show was on April 17 at Plant Zero...and we (my friend, Ann, and I) bought lots of fun things.  Some of them I still can't show...they are soon-to-be-gifted gifts and at least one of the recipients may read this.

But I bought myself birthday gifts.  I buy things, bring them home and give them to Bill, and then he wraps them up and gives them back to me.  Believe me this works.

And my birthday was last week!

This was an impulse purchase.  We had decided that we wouldn't buy a thing until we looked at everything.  But this was bought immediately.  I am kicking myself because I can't find the artist/crafter's card.

Ann gave me this!  It will frame a favorite photo soon.  It is made of old book covers...there were very cool journals too.  Unfortunately, I don't know who this crafter is either...but that's Ann's fault :)

And this...I had to have it!  6 ounce silver flask...every girl needs one. 
Check out Maneating Flower's Etsy Shop. 

I loved a lot of things there but had to resist.  Some things you might like are available at Etsy...

Fun pottery by Adam Paulek  
Hand painted silk by crystal j.  
Very cool children's vests by DapperDude  
Handknit felted handbags (and patterns) by Jennifer Pace
Great amigurumi by Lazymuse

I am making a note so that I don't miss the Craft Mafia's Handmade Holiday Craft Show in December!

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