Tuesday, June 4, 2013


This is a repost.  While trying to post from my iPad last night I deleted this post..  Thank you Google Reader...I will miss you.

I kind of like my job...the paying one..but I dream about making dolls and softies (and cupcakes) full time.  I could probably do more of the fun stuff but then painting the bedroom or the dining room or planting flowers and tomatoes or washing windows...or just generally wasting time...seems to always get in the way.  

But recently I found this....Six Months of Softies.  It is a project started by Wendi Gratz of Shiny Happy World.  She does great softies, dolls, and embroidery and quilt patterns.  I have been following her blog for a while.  I am a sucker for something like this that will inspire me to keep going.  So I bit.  And I am glad that I did. 

The first project was Wendi's.

A great elephant...that I named Richard...and his mouse friend, Martin.  The mouse was hand-sown...which I need more practice with.  I used to be pretty good at that but years of inactivity have taken its toll.  But I am embracing the sewing machine.  This elephant went together so well..except that I wasn't paying attention to the pattern and couldn't figure out where the opening for turning was supposed to be..only a minor glitch.  I have gifted the mouse but can't bear to let this big guy go.

The second pattern is a whale...designed by Jen Gubicza of Zooguu.  I used the fleece left over from the elephant and some fabric in my stash...and his name is Jonah (duh).  This one will be hard to let go of too.

By the time this is done I will either have an extra-bedroom full of toys...;)...or I will have loads of great gifts for the children in my life...just depends on how selfish I am.

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