Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Iced Tea

I'm a Southern girl....born in North Carolina and have lived in Virginia most of my life.  We drink iced tea here.  Once you get below the Virginia/NC state line it is sweet tea.  But I don't really like sweet tea....I only like it with in NC pork barbecue.  But I do love iced tea and this 87 degree weather in Richmond is making me think about and drink a lot of it.  Recently I found  my favorite iced tea at Mosaic, a restaurant near the University of Richmond campus.  They brew it with regular tea bags and orange spice tea bags.  It is delicious.  I tried it at home.  And perfection is two big Luzianne tea bags and two small orange spice tea bags...for 1/2 gallon of tea.  I highly recommend it.

And two other thoughts/observations.  Mosaic has an awesome Cobb Salad.  They call it the Fit Cobb.  But it has a lot of bacon...which makes it delicious.  The second thought/observation....two weeks ago it was snowing it is almost 90 degrees.  I refuse to turn on the AC in April and I won't open all the windows because I don't want a house full of pollen...therefore, I am suffering...all of my own doing.

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  1. We can relate to your suffering as I too refuse to turn the ac on in April!

    Although I dislike tea, this mixture does sound intriguing and worth a try. Thank you!