Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Gift

I am a procrastinator.  It is well documented.  But I do finish projects from time to time.  

And I am now a great-aunt.  There is a connection here.

Our niece had her baby girl in December.  I made the baby Camille a colors to match the Mimi Kirchner-designed doll that I bought from Land of Nod.

I was not finished with the blanket when the family had a shower over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I couldn't go to the shower was in Northern Virginia and I was in Richmond...with a house full of guests.  But I would have liked to finish it and send it up for the shower.  I didn't.  Maybe that is for the best.  Then they would have had to pack it in their already over-stuffed luggage and take it back to California.  I finished it a little later and mailed it.

So here is the blanket.  Yes, I do finish projects occasionally. 

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful and I am sure well worth the wait!
    Congratulations on becoming a Great Auntie.