Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Brown Thumb

You would think that I would have a little more than a brown thumb....maybe a pea green one, at least.  My grandfather lived in a small North Carolina town where he gardened the two extra lots adjacent to his house.  He had amazing gardens.  He also had grape vines and cherry trees.  My dad had a huge garden for years and then when he moved to a place that didn't have room he grew tomatoes and peppers and beautiful gerbera daisys.

This is a picture of 3/8 of my tomato crop this year.  The three plants look so bad that I won't even show them.  And, yes, I know that if you want to grow vegetables and flowers and such that you have to actively take care of them.  You can't just stick them in the ground and expect them to produce...but that is what I do year after year. 

I have been spoiled by this.  The herb garden, planted in the old sandbox.  It is a crazy mass of chives, sage, mint, tarragon, oregano, parsley, rosemary, and basil.  And I think that I will just stop with that from now on.


  1. This seemed to be a bad year for tomatoes so don't be too hard on your poor thumb!

  2. It is October 29 and I have a new tomato on one of the plants that had none....it must have somthing to do with Frankenstorm Sandy.