Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Big Front Porch

Our front porch is probably the biggest "room" in the house.  And I think that it is our favorite too.
 I finally got around to painting it a few weeks ago. That is something that I try to do every year but I think I skipped last year so it was looking a little rough.

I like bright doors.  This one used to be purple, but purple doors became quite popular so we changed it.  Now this color seems to be popular too, but I am not really anxious to paint the screen door so I don't expect changes any time soon.  Speaking of the screen door, it is new.  I have wanted a slammin' screen door for years.  Now, thanks to our friend Henry we have one...custom-made.
This side is where we do most of our sitting.

One morning recently, just after I finished painting the porch, the bed was a little rumpled and things were moved around.  There was no wind the night before and no tracks that would indicate varmints.  I guess someone just took a rest some time during the night.  Oh well....
I think it is time to head out there now with a gin and tonic.  The days are shorter and we need to enjoy as much porch time as possible.


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  1. The new paint job is beautiful! The porch looks so welcoming and the perfect place for reading, chatting or just being.