Friday, August 27, 2010

First Sewing Projects

The online sewing class, Home Ec, started over two weeks ago.  I had every intention of completing at least a project a week.  Well I just completed the first project...cloth napkins.

 I spent hours (well maybe not hours, but it seemed like it) trying to get the tension right on my zig zag stitch for the single layer napkins.  I never did get it just right...and I am blaming it on my cheapo machine.  I have promised myself a new machine if I complete at least half of the projects...pretty good incentive, huh?

These are the single layer napkins. 

The double layer napkins went together pretty well.  I was a little nervous about the ric rac but it was easier than I anticipated.  Of course the ric rac makes them look a little picnicy but I may experiment sometime with using a binding instead.  Here they are.

I also finished a little pre-class project...a pin cushion. 

The next project is a drawstring gift pouch.  Stay tuned.

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