Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Before Thanksgiving

I don't know what got into me...maybe trying to avoid yard work...but I spent a good deal of the day in the kitchen.  I wanted to get something done for Thanksgiving weekend, I went to the farmer's market yesterday, and I had quite a few green cherry tomatoes to do something with...not to mention the two packages of cream cheese that had expired and the two tubes of crescent rolls that we have had since June.  Nothing should go to waste.

I started at 8:30 with these.  Cheddar and Jalapeno Muffins.  I wrote about them here.  I found the recipe on the Joy the Baker website.  I have put them in the freezer for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning or on the day after.  There will be five of us here for breakfast and eighteen for dinner.  Breakfast will get very little attention.

After the muffins I moved on to that huge bunch of kale that I bought yesterday at the farmers' least I think it was kale.  After I got it home I wasn't sure but it is some kind of dark green and it is now in this salad with bacon, sunflower seeds, and parmesan cheese.  Cara sent this recipe to me a few weeks ago.  The original also used brussel sprouts but I think it works just as well without.

I salvaged a few cherry tomatoes on Friday morning before the frost that night.

The ripe ones went into a pasta sauce last night.  The green one became pickles today.  I used the recipe from The Lee Brothers Simple Fresh Southern cookbook.  It is like this one except it has sliced ginger instead of garlic.  They are refrigerator pickles and should keep at least two weeks.

After cleaning up the huge mess I had made I remembered the cream cheese and  crescent rolls in the refrigerator.  I had bought the rolls in June to make this.  For some reason I didn't and we aren't big bread eaters so they were still there.  So this sopapilla cheesecake was made.  It is quite good but will have to go to work with me tomorrow.  I think my coworkers will be happy.

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