Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Best Squash Casserole

Summer squash is one of my favorite vegetables...not because it is all that flavorful, but probably because my mother made the best sauteed squash with onions.  I would eat plates of it.  I have never been able to make it exactly that way.

Squash casserole is another way that we ate summer squash when I was growing up.  Some of them were quite tasty and some of them were just plain awful.

But this, hands down, is the best squash casserole that I have ever had.   Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks calls it Summer Squash Gratin, which it is, but if I put it in a casserole dish with a bunch of other stuff it becomes "casserole."

I had several yellow squash in my CSA box this week. (You can also use zucchini or a combination or the two.)  And I have an abundance of oregano in the herb garden.  I always have homemade bread crumbs in the freezer and I also had swiss cheese that came in the CSA box a couple of weeks ago.  I only needed to buy potatoes.  I guess you could leave those out and put in more squash but the potatoes really enhance the texture of the whole thing.

It is a little time consuming.  Make the sauce, slice the squash and potatoes, brown the butter for the bread crumbs, grate the cheese.  But it is so worth it.  And it is just as good leftover.  Enjoy!

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