Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Best Friends Doll

I like Gingermelon dolls a lot.  Gingermelon is Shelly Down from British Columbia.  Almost a year ago I made one of her Pocket Pixies.  Since then I have gotten better at some the ladder stitch which is used to sew a head onto a neck.  But I am still lousy at the whip stitch/overcast stitch.  While making the Gingermelon Best Friend doll I tried using a blanket stitch instead.  I kind of like the results.

Here she is in the dress and shoes that are part of the original pattern.  You may notice that she looks slightly (or a lot) cross-eyed.  I call that maker-error.

I also made clothes.  There are Gingermelon patterns for that too.  And with one or two patterns to get you started the wardrobe possibilities are endless.

And just in time for Independence Day...

The entire doll and the clothes are all hand-sewn and pretty easy....easy enough for a young beginner.

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