Friday, March 16, 2012

Virginia,The Home Of My Heart

I have lived in Virginia most of my life...and even before that I was only 30 minutes away.  I think that I have said before...about my city and my neighborhood...why would anyone want to live anywhere else?  I live a block away from an amazing city park, a half mile (maybe) from James River and the James River Park, 5 minutes from downtown Richmond (with all it has to offer), and the view driving over the river on the Lee Bridge is absolutely amazing.

But there are also lots of wonderful adventures to be had just a few hours Virginia.  Last weekend we visited Staunton.

About two years ago someone told us about  Mockingbird...a music venue in Staunton.  When we came across a Groupon Getaway at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel there, we snapped it up and checked out the schedule at  Mockingbird.

We arrived about 6 p.m. and checked into the hotel.

These pictures were taken from the hotel window.

Our Groupon package included a $10 coupon at Shenandoah Pizza...which turned out to be a great place in downtown Staunton just two blocks from the hotel and Mockingbird.

The music was wonderful.  Maura O'Connell has been a favorite for years and it was great to finally hear her in person.  The venue is a listening room with amazing acoustics.  The only problem was that we wished she had played longer.

Saturday morning we used the $20 coupon (another part of the Groupon package) in the hotel restaurant...a very nice breakfast buffet. Then I dragged Bill through Staunton checking out antique shops...there are many.  If I had more time....and was alone...I would have filled the car.  But as it was I only brought home these.

The payback was hiking up the very very very steep hill to Mary Baldwin College so that we could take pictures of the campus.  Bill likes pictures of college campuses (Craig College Counseling LLC).

We plan to return.  Our next trip to Staunton will include a play at Blackfriars Playhouse....

and another visit to Mockingbird.  Looking forward to it.

By the way...the title of this post...Virginia, The Home Of My Heart?  It is the title of a song written and sung by our very , very talented friend, Susan Greenbaum.  Check out her new CD,  This Life.  You will be glad that you did.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your adventures. Sounds like it was an outstanding get away!