Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sewing Project-Part V

Back in the fall I was taking an online sewing class.  I got other projects, by Thanksgiving, by Christmas, by tax returns, by being lazy.  I even got a new sewing machine for Christmas.  It took me three months to even take it out of the box.  And then a few more to try it out.

But Friday I decided to do something.  I cut out 3 projects.  One was a Black Apple Doll.  One was a dinosaur tale, and one was an ironing board cover from the Home Ec sewing class...everybody needs a little variety in their life.

Yesterday afternoon I started the doll...but had to learn how to wind the bobbin, thread the bobbin, thread the machine.  By the time I got through with all that I only had time to sew up the arms and legs before heading out to watch the roller derby bout.

It was a dreary day in Richmond today...a good day for sewing.  I finished the doll but she is not worthy of a picture.  One arm points the wrong way and she has a lump in her body.  I think that I will salvage her legs and start over. 

But the ironing board cover is finished!!!

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