Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday-Valentine Special

Yesterday we celebrated two birthdays and Valentine's Day (one late, one early, and one right on time).  We went out to dinner (eventually-we failed to make reservations so it took three tries) with friends.

Pre-dinner we had drinks and snacks at home.

While the guys drank beer (as in good beer), I made Black-eyed Susans for Donna. 

Those are grapes in the foreground...but not just any old grapes.  They are pickled grapes and they are amazing (and super easy).  The recipe is from the Lee Brothers cookbook, Simple Fresh Southern.

The star of the show was the Gorgonzola-Parmesan Twists.  We first tried these Christmas Eve...four of us finished them all within minutes.  They are best hot/warm, but I can assure that room-temp does not slow down consumption.

I am considering a big (as in 5 couples...that's big to me) dinner party next extend the birthday celebration.  After all it is his "birthday month."  But I need encouragement.

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  1. Here is some party encouragement! Do it, it'll be fun. Annnd, you can even ask for help.