Friday, February 25, 2011

Almost Spring "Flowers"

Spring can't get here soon enough.  The temperature in Richmond today is in the high 60s, but the wind could blow this house to Oz...and not really a pleasant day for outdoor activities.

I have three old medicine/whiskey bottles that sit on my livingroom mantle all the time.  My dad found them in an old house, oh, probably 40 to 45 years ago.  They were old then.  In the spring and summer they often have flowers in them...daffodils or gerbera daisies...whatever I can find to stick in them.

But in the winter they just sit there.  They are usually in front of the window, so they still look kind of pretty, but they really cry out for flowers...or just color.

So when I saw this, I thought it might be the perfect winter solution.  Of course, I didn't get around to it until winter was almost over, but that's the way it goes around here most of the time.  I am a huge procrastinator.

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  1. Here are some watermelon pom poms- perfect for summer