Thursday, November 4, 2010


I was born in Reidsville, NC...home of Short Sugar's Bar-B-Q.  This was the standard for pork barbecue...and a pretty high one I must say.  I have lived in Virginia most of my is hard to find barbecue that even comes close....Big Daddy's on Jahnke Road in Richmond makes a pretty good showing.

Bill and I have decided to try to find the best.  Two weeks ago we travelled to NC...specifically to watch our older daughter compete in a roller derby bout...another story entirely.  Our Saturday stop was Allen & Son in Chapel Hill.

It is actually outside of Chapel Hill...I think...Chapel Hill is not like the cities that I know.  A barbecue plate was  more expensive than I would have thought...which turned Bill off immediately...don't you just love a cheap husband?  But it was just heavenly barbecue...just the right "spice", the slaw was perfect, and the hush puppies even more perfect.  I usually shun the sweet tea of NC...but I think it is the perfect "thing to go with" barbecue.

Our daughter lives in Greensboro...home of Stamey's BBQ.  We had lunch there on Monday...ohhh, if I hadn't been to Allen & Son on Saturday...  The barbecue is great...but not highly seasoned.  The slaw is, what I think is called, red slaw.  I don't like it.  It is hot...and not much else.  The hushpuppies were still great...can one make a bad hushpuppy?  Of course Bill thought it was better.  I can't help but think that price had something to do with that...Stamey's is about half the price of Allen & Son.

So the Allen & Son is the best.  But the search goes on...not only in NC...but in Virginia...and wherever else I might be that prides itself on barbecue.

Any suggestions?

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