Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome to the Neighborhood!...The 43rd Street Festival

The 19th annual 43rd Street Festival of the Arts was Saturday.  It is the best thing that happens in Forest Hill...1/2 block from my house.  It is a fine arts and craft show featuring 65 to 70 or the regions finest artisans, music all day, and food and neighbors and friends...not to mention lots of fun stuff to buy.  The event benefits Freedom House, a local organization that helps the homeless in so many ways.  The Festival is..and has been...organized by Robin Cage, potter and gallery owner.

Our first stop is always the raffle booth.  The artists donate a piece for the raffle and the proceeds benefit Freedom House.  This year my 24 tickets ($20) won me a metal sculpture..interesting.  Second stop is the usually the t-shirt booth...BC likes to have the festival t-shirt every year.  And the last few years...the third stop is the Forest Hill Neighborhood Assn. booth...where I pay my annual dues..its how I remember to do it.

Charles Farrar, woodturner from Charlotte, was back this year.  He used to live in my parents' South Hill, VA neighborhood.  My dad was very fond of him.  Charles recently had a piece commissioned by the White House.

Neighbor, Steven Glass' booth was in front of his house.

A present for BC!  The artist is Eli Thompson.  BC has been stalking his booth every year.  He does photographs of ballparks...this is the first year he has had a Cleveland photo.

More fun stuff!!!


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